Trial Day

Checklist for Trial Day Packing  


  1. What Time Do I Need To Be There?
    • You must attend for VETTING therefore be there 15 mins before vetting time. This will give you time to park and unpack. 
  2. Where Do I Park?
    • You will see other competitors - follow their lead or club officials will direct you.
  3. Where Do I Attend Vetting?
    • This is normally at the club house, join the queue to collect your numbers first and on your first trial inform the Trial Secretary that your dog needs measuring. They will help organise this. 
    • If you own an Entire Bitch you will need to have her checked to ensure that she is not in season, therefore always take her to vetting. However if you own a male or desexed bitch they can stay at your campsite.
    • Be aware of keeping a suitable distance between your dog and others especially when queueing to vet. Trials are very exciting environments and not all dogs are happy with having another dog too close to their space.
  4. What Do I Do Next?
    • Check out the trial catalogue that you received and find your name and number. Check that your details are correct , that you are in the right event and the right height. If you think something is wrong go back to the trial secretary and ask for clarification.
    • Attach your numbers to you! 
    • Take your dog for a walk and play - you may have been on the road for a while and it will do you both good.
    • As a lot of clubs are located in residential areas, make an effort to keep your dog quiet at all times. This may include covering over his/her crate when you leave the dog unattended or asking another competitor to help out while you are gone.
  5. When Do We Start?
    • There will be an announcement that 'All Competitors Please Attend For Trial Briefing' this is a short set of speeches from the Host Club welcoming competitors & judges, letting competitors know if there are any specific rules to be followed i.e. 'dogs are not allowed off lead anywhere on the grounds except for in the ring'  
    • The Judge/s for the day will introduce themselves and let competitors know how they would like the rings run, for example that the next competitor is to be in the ring ready to go when the current competitor is negotiating a certain piece of equipment. 
    • They will announce that courses are open for walking - this is when you get a chance to walk the course and plan your handling. You will only need to walk the courses that you are eligible to compete in so check what rings are running in what order. Please do ask if you are unsure.  
    • Judges will clear the ring after about 15 mins and ask for the first dog. 
  6. What Happens If I am due to compete in Two Rings at the Same Time?
    • This will sometimes happen at a multi ring trial. The trial secretaries will have worked very hard to ensure that although you may be running in two or more rings at the same time your heights will not be running at the same time. If you think you may miss your turn in a ring, please approach the Ring Steward and tell them that you may clash and where you will be. They will do their utmost to ensure that you get your run. 

  Number Pins and Holders can be purchased from many websites and retail outlets.


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