Membership & Entering Trials



To enter an Australian National  Kennel Club Agility, Jumping or Games Trial you must be a member of a State Affiliated Council. In Queensland this is Dogs Queensland. The membership application form can be downloaded from the Dogs Queensland website.

Your dog must also be registered. If your dog has a Pedigree then it will already be registered with the council responsible for the State in which the dog was born and you should have a Pedigree certificate for the dog. Ensure that the certificate is in your name i.e. you are listed as the Owner. If you are not the owner, then the owner of the dog must be a member and will be required to authorise all trial entries. 

If your dog has no papers, for example, you rescued him from a shelter, then you will need to register the dog as an Associate.

"Working" Dogs without "ANKC" pedigree papers may also qualify to be recognised on the Sporting Register, check this out. 

When you become a member of Dogs Queensland you will receive a membership card which contains your membership number - you will need this. If you have not received this by the time you want to enter a trial, please put a note in with your entries and make sure you take the details with you to the trial. You will also receive forms for applying for titles, keep these safe (you can also download them here). On a monthly basis you will receive the Dog World Magazine which contains advertisements for trials 2 months in advance. These advertisements can also be found within these web pages under Club Trials and Fundraising Trials.

Understanding a Trial Advertisement can be difficult at first, but after a while it all seems very easy. An explanation of an Advertisement can be found here.  

Currently in Queensland you can enter a trial using either of the following forms:

Single Entry Form Obtained from Dogs Queensland
Multi Entry Form Download
Here (Note not all clubs accept this method check out the list on Club Trials Page)
Example of how to complete a Single Entry can be found
Example of how to complete a Multi Entry can be found

Please complete forms clearly, where possible type. Ensure all contact details are current and cheques made out appropriately. Tip: if using the single entry form fill out all standard information and photocopy, then you only need fill in a few details by hand the next time, i.e. Club, trial date, events entered. 

If this is your first venture into the world of ANKC Agility & Jumping then you can only enter the following events until you have your first titles:

Agility Novice (AD)      Jumping Novice (JD)      Agility Dog Open (ADO)    Jumping Dog Open (JDO)
Gambling Dog Novice (GD)      Snooker Dog Novice (SD)      Strategic Pairs Novice (SPD) 




Contact Details

State Agility Committee
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]